Winter’s Child

Perched atop the pines heavy and white
Her gaze moves the worlds far away
Yet in stillness, she sighs under the grey sky
With marble eyes and a heart full of bells
That toll to no one, but wait
In the fervent sweetness of hope
And for her I wait, beside my broken window
Where the snow settles in meek despair
Tomorrow, will she still be there?
Or will the sad bluebird sing today?

Months pass through the forests of time
The pines still stand in assured solitude
The snow has gone but the window remains
And I gaze at the sky lesser with each passing day
Today I sit and count the fallen leaves
As the sun sets behind the freezing hills
I see a star fall on the frozen lake
As I lay on the wet grass below the yew tree
And at dawn I heard the bluebird sing
A wintry song for me.


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