The Promised Land

As the last vestige of a weary day fades
And we bathe alone in its final sunset
Her eyes wistful of our merry escapades
Of a time forgotten in sands of regret
The seagulls still stare at the distant sky
A wish too pretty for their broken wings
Dreaming the dream where they all do fly
To the Promised Land where the angel sings
And so the sands slipped from my hands
The leaves all fell and old grew the trees
Our songs of spring lost in wintry lands
In deserts of sorrow across stormy seas

Her empty eyes lost in the sanguine sky
Rays gold trickle down her misty cheeks
In a horizon far we watch the seagulls fly
To a distant land beyond the mighty peaks
And fallen leaves rose with a crazy breeze
As I held her hand in the sunset bleak
Those eyes then talked under starry trees
Too heavy the sky for the lips to speak
As her heart yearned for the true escapade
And the shadows spread at the final light
As the last vestige of old sorrow did fade
We drowned together in the raging night


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