Between soothing petals and weathered thorns
Lies an idyllic emptiness, the nectar of quiet
Where the lights of heaven saunter through
In their infinite cosmic resplendence
And be what they are, and nothing more
Without the veneer, the chrysalis that shields
Or the bleeding echoes of life that change
And haze a pristine soul.

Yet we gaze at the light’s blinding march
From islands eternal of petal and thorn
And in our moments of crossing between the two
As we bathe in the celestial lightness of quiet
The heart forgets what it yearns
And beats to the rhapsody of the night
This moment that is soon lost
As we swiftly reach where we were headed
Yet oblivious, in our desperation assured
To have passed by what was sought
And thus forever march back and forth
This moment, that will soon be lost again
Until we break though our homely chrysalis
And before we reach the other side
Let go of the oars, as we row
In our lake of ephemeral quiet.


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