A Valley Too Far

I gaze at the trees in a valley too far
Beyond the wild and before the war
On a solitary patch of homely land
We built a nest on the greenest sand
On banks of a river, mellow and pure
The trees grew tall, the roots were sure
A sunrise smiled with the love of yore
A sunset bathed in a dream for more
A cuckoo sat on the branches long
The valley drowned in a dreamy song
In a morning blessed, on a starry night
Away from death, we swam in light
Beauty smiled from the rainbow true
Alone we breathed and alone we flew
Blinded by beauty, by timeless peace
The eyes saw not the building mist
The raven sat on our pristine sands
And flew back swift to the olden lands
A wild wind howled in the valley quiet
The cuckoo wailed in an endless night
Leaves that breathed on trees too tall
Could never rise up from a mighty fall
The wind takes them to lands too far
Beyond the wild and beyond the war

I stand at the door in an alley too quiet
And knock to the wind for a starry night
It creaks and opens to a room too black
As frozen winds rush the doorway past
And a cold hand dives with an evil might
As it holds my hand with a grip too tight
An old bell tolls for the end of my war
As Death pulls me to a valley too far


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