Although it rains
When I am to say goodbye
Yet you who despaired
At every wail within every drop
Like a hundred lanterns that fall
A hundred empty sights
I am sure, you despair now.

Despair, because the sun is not out
And there are no roses
But a coffin, as strong as death
A headstone, as white as death
And I despair
Because there is no you
You, who is also taking me away.

But even though the sun
Should turn shy, and the lanterns
Should fall from the sky
Despair, you must not, nor
Mourn the snow over our love, but
Rest, my beloved, rest
For now.

For now, I shall sow, seeds in the dark
When the sun is out, in a time not so far
When for me it rains, there will a rose bloom
And with it in my shaking hands
To you, I shall come
Till then, my beloved


A little bit of Toni Morrison and Pablo Neruda in there as well.


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