Hidden Lessons


It was raining. I was sitting inside the car and looking out of the window. Far outside, the sights were a treat for the eyes. A vast expanse of the wet and the wild greens tickled the senses into submission. With a hint of the morning mist still left and the smell of the wet leaves filling the serene land, everything looked blessed. Much closer to my eyes though, a completely different story was unfolding. The window glass was the stage. And the drops of water on it, the characters. Every drop of water from the top was trying to descend, some were instantly successful, others had to wait for a long time. Some just couldn’t do it. They were stuck at the top till the rains stopped, the sun came out of its reverie and dried the droplet away. But it was quite interesting to see how the successful ones went about fullfilling their ambition. They would walk some distance on their own, take help from the neighbouring droplet, merge with it and then rush ahead with doubled ambition and spirit. After a little travel, they will again merge with another droplet and would go about their mission faster than ever before. Before you know, they are at the bottom, at their destination. Successful. Their journey is over. Rest are still trying. Some of them might reach later. Some of them won’t. Some wouldn’t even get started.

Fascinating story. Sitting inside that car and watching this play out in front of me, all I could think about was how everything fits so easily, beautifully. A lesson on life. A goal, a road and a time-limit. We are not forever. We can only last as along as we are allowed to, by factors in and beyond our control. Within that time, we have a choice. To stand or to move. Some move back, some stay still and the rest move ahead. Some move faster than others. They are either lucky to find the right road or they’re just clever enough to find it on their own. Some take some time to get set on the right path. The rest try to but things never work out and they stay lost in the woods. And everybody who has decided to move ahead is in a race, the race against time to reach their goal. The race to be at your goal before the sun comes out, or rather, in this case, before their sun sets. Few reach early, some reach just in time, some miss it by a whisker and the others are just lost in the sands of time. Life goes on.

Nature keeps showing you everything about her kingdom, how things work, how things don’t, how things might, why things won’t. You just need the eyes.


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