A weary dread usurps her tortured heart
In frozen hours after the ominous dark
As shadows crawl from corners unseen
Her heart screams to burst from within
She shuts her eyes from horrors of night
And drowns her mind in a dreamy sight
She closes herself from the living spark
And enters the land of the damned dark
As wolves howl under a moon sanguine
A savage wind roars with a piercing din
Wanton woods sway with sardonic eyes
As thirsty bats circle the moribund skies
In this godless milieu of souls depraved
She looks in terror at the moors ravaged
In the mist she waits in trepidation quiet
Sentient heart feels the treacherous night
An eerie quiet haunts the ubiquitous wild
As in woods beside the hellhounds smiled
But then rang the bells in a churchyard far
And the dead then rose from a fallen altar
And hellhounds ran for her banished soul
As the werwolves ran to devour her whole
She ran and ran without stopping all night
She ran for her life as she ran for the light
Into nefarious roads and into infernal wild
She ran for the light as she ran for her life
In a moment ephemeral she then saw light
As it made its way past the consuming night
She rose in grace from her nightmares black
As all shadows crawled back to corners dark
The night was gone and the morning bright
As she walked to the river for the lively sight
As she watched the birds sing in abandon gay
She whispered a silent prayer for another day


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