A Flower in the Eden


A single gust of wind leaves a bird homeless
One throw of dice and a world is torn apart
Forests of sorrow flank paths now aimless
In this abyss of despair rests a beatless heart

My finger in her clasp she stepped to the stage
Her careless laughter the melody of my day
The morning flower with spring in her glaze
Little princess! You were my light in the grey

Misty eyes return to the darkness of the time
Her life for his fun and a soul eternally lost
God? No, Murderer! To kill my angel sublime
Black sky for the sun, the spring by the frost

The waves return what they take, they say
Then give her the light she never could see
Morning turns to night in a throw of his play
I still walk the shore with hope from the sea

O tell me, my guide! Where lies my salvation
If it isn’t in that smile through her rosy lips
In her lives my God, my life, my redemption
To Her abode, my Eden, a broken soul drifts

Wrote this poem a few weeks ago.

All comments appreciated.


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