So we meet. Hello.

I’m Dipankar and I…wait, that’s trivial. Forget that. Do you like poetry? It’s a mysterious little thing. If you don’t really want to look, you probably would never see it. But if you do see it…damn, it sort of knocks you out. That’s what I like about it. So when I’m not being an engineer or a management consultant (or other forms of trivial), I do poetry. And fiction. And some plain old ramblings (otherwise called essays). I’m not great, or easy though. I’ve read Marquez and I’ve read Keats (and if you’ve not done the same, close this tab, get to them. I can wait.) so I know what’s great. I’m just a fan of theirs with a lot to say and nothing to lose. So, I write. And, by the looks of it, you read. Fortuitous! Let me know what you make of it. See ya.

Also, here’s a pic of John Keats posing at gunpoint to make this blog post somewhat conventional.



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